Basic car maintenance tips for teens

In India, every driving license stresses that getting behind the wheel is a privilege. It’s not a legal right. It’s hard to deny the excitement we feel when we are finally able to drive in the street. The majority of new drivers need more knowledge and awareness about motoring and other technicalities. Here are some tips on car maintenance for teens. Most new drivers start driving at 18 years old.

  1. Teenage drivers tend to concentrate more on driving than anything else. It is important to break them of this habit actively. It is important to be confident and ready for any situation that may arise on the road.
  2. It is good to develop the habit of performing a simple visual inspection before you drive off. It could lead to the discovery of things such as fluid leaks (brake/coolant/engine oil/power-steering, etc.) or even a flat tire. Some small animals, such as dogs or cats who like to hide under cars, may also react slowly and become trapped.
  3. A flat tire is inevitable, given the state of the roads. So, whether you have a new car or not, every driver must know how to replace a tire. It is important to become familiar with how the jack works and where it should be placed, as well as the steps involved in removing/fitting the stepney.
  4. Weekly under-bonnet checks allow you to detect any drop in coolant or wash-wiper liquid and top it up.
  5. The cost of car maintenance can increase due to poor driving habits. You should seek out the advice of professionals who are trained or older people with experience to point out any shortcomings. Some examples include improper brake usage, riding the clutches, incorrect headlight usage, safe reversing, etc. Here are some examples of areas that can be improved.
  6. Visibility is key when driving. Teen drivers should be taught to check that all lights are working properly. Check the headlights and taillights. Also, check brake lights (including high-mount stoplights), turn indicators, etc. Check that all lights are working properly. Headlights should be kept level at all times to avoid inconvenience for other motorists.

Teenagers who have mastered the basics are more likely to survive such accidents with minimal damage to their property and life. In our hectic driving environment, a few dings will inevitably occur. It is important to have the best driving knowledge and be prepared for any situation.

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