Nissan V-motion 2.0 Concept

Detroit Motor Show 2017 saw many new production cars, concept vehicles, and future car technologies unveiled. This¬†Nissan¬†used the Detroit Motor Show to showcase its future designs and vehicles. Nissan revealed a Sport Sedan Concept in 2014. This Concept culminated in the Maxima sedan. The four-door Concept, however, was equally important because it incorporated Nissan’s latest design philosophy that led to the ‘V motion’ grille. Nissan has taken things to the next level and revealed its ‘Vmotion 2.0 Concept’ on this global platform.

Nissan claims that the V-motion 2.0 Concept is a combination of a high level of style, an emotional design, space, and comfort, as well as technology, to provide streamlined mobility for professionals. The V-motion 2.0 concept is an evolution of Nissan’s design philosophy, and it showcases its advanced technological prowess that will be incorporated into future models. This is the new ProPilot technology.

The V-motion 2.0 Concept looks great from all angles. The fascia is not only the grille but also the front of the vehicle. The LED headlights have a distinct sleekness, while the air vents and hood are muscular. The fluidic design flows throughout the entire car.

The body is textured in some areas and smoothed out in others. The roof appears to float, and the doors are opened in a way that eliminates the B-pillar. The Concept’s quirky alloys give it a modern look, while the LED panel at the back acts as a diffuser. Nissan calls the distinctive body surface its “Emotional Geography” design language.

Interior is futuristic and welcoming in all the right spots. The dashboard gets a large TFT screen that integrates the instrument cluster. The floating center console is full-length and runs towards the rear. It has a screen for the rear passengers. The V-motion 2.0 Concept has a spacious and subtle feel thanks to the interesting use of materials all around the cockpit.

Nissan did not reveal any details of the Vmotion 2.0 Concept’s powertrain, as it is a design study. However, the company hinted that this Concept would be the future of Nissan Intelligent Mobility, the automaker’s roadmap for zero emissions and zero deaths. ProPilot, Nissan’s full autonomous technology, will be included in the entire Nissan range of passenger cars. The front logo and rear LED diffuser on the V-motion Concept Concept will illuminate when in autonomous mode to let other road users know that the ProPilot system is active.

The V-motion 2.0 is a preview of the future Nissan sedans that could be. Nissan will use ProPilot’s autonomous technology in the Qashqai, the next-generation Leaf, and other Nissan models.

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